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  Welcome to

"Engineering Construction Workers Unite"

"Defend Our National Agreement"

This site has been specifically designed for engineering construction workers i.e. Welders, Platers, Erectors, Pipefitters, Mechies,
Scaffolders etc for the  purpose of improved communication and the sharing of information.

We all know how hard it is to keep in touch
with what's going on in this game when we
all work on different sites across the country.

This is your site so go to the forum (the cabin) register, log in, and lets us hear what you've
got to say about your industry.

We're going to try and keep you informed of
what the unions are up to, what's happening
with the agreement (the blue book) and
where the work is etc.

But most of all we want your input. Give us
your opinion on anything to do with our
industry by either emailing us at 
or use the forums (the cabin).

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